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How product managers are slowly becoming mini CEOs

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Ten years ago, the top companies by market cap in the world were predominantly in oil, general industry, and financial services. Today, the top five are technology companies, providing products and services to consumers and enterprises. With this transformation, the pace of innovation has increased exponentially in response to demand. Read More

Razer is making a phone for gamers (probably)

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A few months ago, Razer made the surprising move of buying Nextbit, a small company that had just entered the market with a cloud-oriented phone. If it wasn’t already clear then that Razer intended to make a smartphone, a report by Bloomberg corroborates the suspicion. According to “people familiar with Read More

How Google Fiber won by failing

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Google Fiber, for all intents and purposes, was a failure. For all the promise of Gigabit speeds nationwide, Google managed just to install its super fast internet in just 20 cities while burning through billions of dollars and numerous staffers — including two CEOs in just nine months. But even Read More